Welcome in “mi casa”.

I’m a nerd.Don’t get this wrong.Out there are two types of nerds: the good looking ones  with blue eyes, twilight hair, nice smile with sexy round glasses (Hipster Nerds) and the real ones.Guess what type am I ? Nailed it , the noBig Dt so social-good-looking type,  the classy one. At least I have a nice smile and deep sexy voice (“clears throat“-choking ruins the moment).

Dreams to find.

For now I just finished my student life.Not bad , not bad. One of my dreams is to see the entire world . Entire?! The one rule that I follow is that, earth gave me an existence and it’s my duty to repay it in the best way that I can. “Learn the true meaning of life and you will see how simple the creation is”.


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