Echo Sound

ATTENTION ! I wrote this when I was much much younger . Hope you enjoy the childish names and my younger imagination. 🙂 Have fun !

Is it ready Jon?”

“The time machine is almost ready sir”

“To many ppl died because of this machine.”

“To many people are still dying Alexander.”

On 29 April 2092 chief commander Alexander Robert  head of the science and development division tried to make the final attempt to travel in Neo universe  back in 21 century.

In 21th century mankind build  the first time machine and with it the possibility to travel to another universe.We are so called “Neo race” born in universe Neo. After a big accident in universe Neo when an entire city disappeared instantly  from the earth  and at the meeting of all the supreme leaders on earth , they had arranged that the time machine will never be used to travel again in Neo universe.They had agreed that the  time machine will be used  only to travel to a different universe with the purpose to help another race, “the primitives” to became more high tech. On that time the only country that had a time machine was USA and when USA saw the treath that the time machine brought the presidend decided to send  the only 4 scinetenists that could actauly build another time machine to another universe.All 4 of them was sended to different universes.

So we started to search a suitable universe to create the perfect civilization.For that we used  the so called “time drones”and  we manage to find a  universe  that wasn’t so different of ours  , a universe that had never saw the WW2,a dimensions where name like Hitler and Stalin were just  simple politician name vanish in the time of  history. We called that universe  “Outros”.

When Neo ppl reach the first time Outros univers, it was something special . They thought that we are God , and our mission was to save them.God such a clisee in our days .I remember  my days of young boy especially a saturday.I remember that I was sitting on the sofa with my mom,eating my cereals. I remember that I saw on the holo-screen the pope on that big balcony at Vatican  and I remember his words:

“After all this years of serving that I dedicated to God , I realize that God doesn’t exist”.

Then, after 2 more days  the pope  died of cancer.Instantly a big number of atheist grew up.Because there were no more churches to support them the  poor people were left alone to die  .Back then the poor people where a number of 4 billions souls from a total of 8 billion .If i remember correctly the most of the  poor people died in almost 2 years. We tried to use the time machine to fix the problem even that the supreme  leaders forbidden the use of time machine , but the pandora box was already open and there were no key that could it close it again.

That was something that marked our history, and probably the end of it .

Even the pope gave this ultimatum of what we thought that is our existence, many people still believed that God exist . “The believers” that is how they called themselves  had an attempt to revive christianity. A war started , a global war that the world had never seen.




First of all , I hope that the people from this video lived to see another day and second I see a lot of anger in the comments posted on youtube from a lot of people, Catholics , Muslims , Christians , Jews etc.Most of you forgot that almost every religion have a basic fundamentals , “learn to take care of others”. Most of the people nowadays use religions to manipulate others to hate another religion and they forget the true meaning of the Bible , Quran etc. They only take few sentences from it and manipulate words into your mind.Let me tell you something that is very true. When you were born the only thing that you were sure of it is that you are indebted with a death. DO NOT PAY OTHER PEOPLE DEBTS.

Philosophic 101

“I consider myself a realist but in philosophical terms I am what is called a pessimistic. It means that I am bad a parties. I think human consciousness it’s a tragic misstep of evolution. We are too self aware. Nature create an aspect of nature separate from itself. We are creatures that should not exist by natural laws. We are things living under the illusion of having a self , an addition of sensorial experiences and feelings. We have the idea that we are each somebody when in fact everybody in nobody. The honorable thing that our species can do is to deny our programing , stop reproducing and go hand-in-hand into our extinction.”