Are you scarred too ? You should be at least a little worried.

I was always concerned about my future. When I was playing basketball when I had my first serious injury the doctors said that this type of injury could always come back and when it does I should take a time-out  3-6 weeks of training. If i remember correctly those words , the doctor’s words, were a decisive point in my life. In the next year I quit basketball and ended my career of professional basketball player. I always thought , how often the pain will kick in ? Will it last longer than 6 weeks ? I was scared  of investing all my time in basketball so that a simple injury can sent me to the bench. The truth is , I wasn’t a superstar too. I was an average player , who trained from the bottom to get were I was. You know what they say in sport. “You either have talent and the rest is workout or you don’t have talent at all and you put all your heart and soul in it” Let’s say that I begin playing basketball talentless.

After I quit basketball , I chose to follow a very hard university from my country, because being not normal in my country would leave me with no money. ( expensive clothes , expensive privileges, etc ). I am not that guy who would do anything to get somewhere ( stealing , cheating , blackmail ) , well, maybe I am , I don’t know. I mean, I never had to feel the pain of starvation, the pain of feeling the cold in the bones, so , I don’t know what would I do then. I keep telling myself that I wouldn’t do this or that , but , who knows?

Today , we are living, in a hypnotize society with artificial morals with feelings that are fueled by the porn industries. With people that judge other people by the color of the skin , by the color of the clothes, hell , I have friends that can easily judge a person just for the simple fact that one person is wearing black, and later they go and praise a God , a God who says love your close-by no matter what.  All this , what i said , was in the past,  in the past , were I was still young, a young man, who cared only for his future, a future that this man thought can only be molded by the same person who’s holding the strings.

But what happens if there are other things that are holding the strings ? What happens when you try to go forward but there is a big chain bound to your legs ? Imagine now , that there are a lot of people who have this chain bounded by their legs and with every step that they make the chain becomes heavier and heavier to the point where they would simply can’t walk anymore and they would simply die dyhidrated.


I wish for this to be a dream.