Games Vs. Gamers ?

dota vs lol

(Defense Of The Ancients VS. League of Legends)

Yeah, one of my hobbies from when I was a child was to play games ( a lot ). Back then kids from where I live didn’t have PC’s, still , I had. My very first computer was a  “Pentium 486”  with 8 Mb of RAM , almost 100 Mb hard-drive and I don’t remember the processor speed, with Norton Commander “NC” as its operating system. At the beginning NC was such a drag, but I managed somehow to get used to work with it. On that PC I played for the first time Wacraft 2 and I started to like “RTS” games. ( back then I didn’t know the meaning of RTS, Hell , I didn’t know english )

Years passed and I bought my second computer a Pentium 4. When friends asked me what PC I have , I answered them “I have P4!” and everybody known the important meaning of the “P4”.One day the “repair guy” came to fix my P4 because it crashed from some reasons (back then people didn’t have Internet ) . After he fixed “XP” he installed a “couple of games” he said “you will like them” he said . I was so excited for this “unknown” that was about to be revealed. This “unknown” it proved to be “Dungeon Siege”  and  “Warcraft 3”. This is the story about how I discovered for the first time DoTa. I don’t think that Mark Zuckerberg has launched his “Facebook” when all of this were happening. It’s to bad that I can’t remember the author of Dota’s  verions  that I had back then, to be sure about the facts.I just want to say , I know this game from a long time and thanks to IceFrog or someone else , games like LoL , HoN etc. exists on this big market that we call “Game Industry”


It’s simple.I think  LoL=Monopolized Dota 1.
Like I said Dota 1 is an old “game”.I can’t  call it a game because it was and it is a simple map created for Warcraft 3.More likely it was a mod, but, it was something new , was free to play , no charges, any hero you could choose to play ,almost every week new items and heroes, IT WAS ADDICTIVE!  In a couple of years IT WENT VIRAL. People were talking about strategies , building guides, possible new items and so on. On every internet cafe where I went , everyone was playing Dota 1. I remember that I had to stay in line for  someone to go , so that I could play (vets. will know).I found out that the very first author of “Dota-Allstars” was Steve Feak and in 2005 IceFrog become involved in the project named simply Dota, an acronym for “Defense Of The Ancients”.

After this big success Dota’s “big brothers” appeared with taste and love for money.I don’t say to choose between HON, LOL ,DOTA …because many of you don’t know what Dota stands for or how to install or even that Dota 1 is just a map for Warcraft 3 .I am just saying that maybe you can respect Steve Feak and  IceFrog , the ones who had this vision and gave their idea for us.

To answer the question…If you really want to use your brain and train your skills in this type of moba (Multiplayer online battle arena) game choose Dota 2 a much better improved version of Dota 1 with its own game engine and a lot of  new features . Or, if you want a simpler way and faster skills and you have money to pay for almost everything , and you enjoy to have a big advantage over players who doesn’t have money or  don’t want to pay, you should definitely  choose LoL.

Respect to IceFrog and Steve Feak for their spent time and will.