“Sir, can you spare a quarter?”


They are everywhere. Everyday you see them , you pass by them and you keep going. Do you care about them ? No. They are the last of our civilization, in a world in which our society tries to create the “perfect machine” they are the ones who are in need.

Yes, they are the  poor people of cities , homeless people, street people. Today society teaches us that we need to have a big objective, an objective  towards which we need to focus all  our strength and our attention so that we can complete or at least be very close to it.

In such a robotic world they are just simple shadows. Most people are taught to avoid those “shadows”, to be careless. You even consider them to be from a organization, criminals, thieves and many different types of law breakers.You just assume that they are bad?!…My friend , why?

Often in your life you will have the surprise to come across to a person who will have just a little more power then you and torture you in every way that he could do. If this can happen in a civilized world why could not happen to a small scale , a scale where justice and laws can’t reach in time or not at all. Well , to those “3rd civilization” such things can happen since the moment they were born, force to beg , “stoned” so that they could easily be manipulated with no chance of getting a normal life.

Unfortunately many of us pass by them without even looking at them. But if you stop and think , a single word, one moment of negligence can transform you in a “3rd world shadow”, a shadow at the end of a street under a wet tree, dogging rain .A tired shadow that yells at this society  to wake up from this robotic dream.

“Survival is that story that never ends.”